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This page is obviously not really under the umbrella of 'emergency medicine', however as a topic that is not well covered in Family Practice residency it is included as a teaching aid for residents. The following Power Points are intended as a brief introduction to Dermoscopy and is not comprehensive.

Further reading is recommended as well as spending time even taking a formal course in Dermoscopy (rare as they are). There is a free app for mobile phones called "Dermoscopy Two Step Algorithm". A very good app.

There is also the misconception that dermatoscopes are 'too expensive' for a family doctor. No! They are around $300 - $400, which is similar to the cost of a good stethoscope. There are more expensive ones that connect to cell phones etc but for daily use a simple scope is fine.
I am not receiving any kickback! but they can be bought at Surgo Surgical Supply in Canada now