Rural Emergency Medicine Simulation Training and Resource - British Columbia
IV drugs in the ER is basically your 'menu' to use for patients
needing immediate or resuscitative care. 

The most important aspect of ER drugs to know
is their cardiovascular effect.

The Power Point below goes over the CV effects
of common drugs used in the ER.
Below are MS Word printable handouts on the
CV effects of ER drugs ,

a list of the common ER drugs with indications and dosages
and how to mix push dose pressors.
The following Power Point and summary sheet cover
Anticoagulation Reversal.

As newer drugs for anticoagulation come on the market,
so too are new reversal agents.

One final drug you should be familiar with is Tranexamic Acid used in Trauma.
Below is a power point on the CRASH 2 Trial from the London School of Medicine