Rural Emergency Medicine Simulation Training and Resource - British Columbia
Orthopedics in the ER is an enormous topic. It would be hubris to think it could all be covered here.
A few topics being touched on are:
     Shoulder Dislocation.
     Knee exam, injuries and ultrasound.
Hand and Wrist Injuries

Hopefully more will be added with time.

       Shoulder Dislocation
Most commonly you will see anterior dislocations. They are usually fairly easy to reduce as the joint is more a ball and plate.
There are some dozen manoeuvres to reduce a shoulder.
You don't need to know them all, but should know a couple as none are 100%.

Remember to always check for humeral fracture before manipulating.
Shoulder ultrasound is simple, accurate and fast for both diagnosing a shoulder dislocation and confirming reduction.

 Knee Exam, injuries and ultrasound.
 A good knee exam,  xray and ultrasound can often negate the need for an MRI!

Hand and Wrist Injuries
Although the page is not finished, this is the link to hand and wrist injuries