Rural Emergency Medicine Simulation Training and Resource - British Columbia
This page covers basic Point of Care Ultrasound for Family Practice Residents.
Topics include:
Subcostal Cardiac for PCE, Abdomen for free fluid, AAA,
Pleural effusion, Interstitial fluid and pneumonia - aka eFast plus.
The second Power Point covers Peripheral IV starts and DVT, Fractures and Knee exam.
The accompanying Power Points are to assist for the teaching sessions and as a reference
(NB: Best viewed in 'Slide Show' format,
as videos will only play in 'Slide Show'.)
Below is a video on Pleural Findings on Ultrasound -
Pneumothorax and Interstitial lung fluid.

The next Power Point and Videos cover Peripheral and Central IV starts, DVT, Fractures and Kneeultrasound.

This next video is a long video, 25 minutes, but is an excellent video on peripheral IV starts.
If you have the time and inclination, well worth watching.