Rural Emergency Medicine Simulation Training and Resource - British Columbia
This page covers basic Point of Care Ultrasound for Family Practice Residents.
Topics include:
Subcostal Cardiac for PCE, Abdomen for free fluid, AAA,
Pleural effusion, Interstitial fluid and pneumonia - aka eFast plus.
The second Power Point covers Peripheral IV starts and DVT.

Then finally, Shoulder, Knee and Fractures

The accompanying Power Points are to assist for the teaching sessions and as a reference
(NB: Best viewed in 'Slide Show' format, as videos will only play in 'Slide Show'.)
Below is a video on Pleural Findings on Ultrasound -
Pneumothorax and Interstitial lung fluid.

The next Power Point and Videos cover Peripheral and Central IV starts and DVT Ultrasound.

This next video is a long video, 25 minutes, but is an excellent video on peripheral IV starts.
If you have the time and inclination, well worth watching.

Examination and Ultrasound of the Shoulder

Examination and Ultrasound of the Knee

Ultrasound of Fractures