Rural Emergency Medicine Simulation Training and Resource - British Columbia

Using a ventilator in an urban ER is rather straightforward, you simply ask the Respiratory Tech to set it up!
However in a rural center you will not have such assistance.
If you don't want to be left bagging an intubated patient for several hours while awaiting the medivac,
you should become familiar with how to operate a ventilator.
The Power Point below focuses on using a Philips Trilogy 200 Ventilator.
That may or may not be the actual ventilator you use as there are many.
Historically the LTV 1000 or 1200 were popular vents,  but many people find these awkward and confusing to use.
Regardless of the make of ventilator the principles of both non invasive and mechanical ventilation remain the same.
The Power Points and handouts cover Ventilators in the ER, Ventilator Sedation and
Pictures on how to set up a Trilogy Vent for Mechanical Ventilation.