Rural Emergency Medicine Simulation Training and Resource - British Columbia
My name is Dr. Shane Barclay and I host and run this web page, so it isn't really 'us' but me! I used to run a web page, that still exists, named which was developed for a rural hospital, Lady Minto Hospital, on Salt Spring Island when I began running ER simulation rounds there. Anyone who has been to that web site will see a lot of material from that web page duplicated here as the power points etc were developed and done by me.

My reason for starting up this web page is simple. I have moved from Salt Spring and now reside in Kamloops BC.
I have been a GP for over 30 years, primarily in rural settings.

I started my career in North Vancouver BC, working for nearly 12 years, initially in the ER and General Practice. I then spent 7 years in the North West Territories, primarily as a solo physician in Ft. Simpson, but also doing locums in Yellowknife ER, Ft. Smith, Cambridge Bay, Hay River and elsewhere. I then moved to Salt Spring Island, BC and worked there for 12 years during which I set up a simulation lab and started regular ER simulation rounds and workshops. The support and encouragement received doing those rounds has been a huge motivator to continue this project. In many ways this new site is dedicated to them all. My belief is that rural doctors need skills for working in an ER that come very close and in some respects outreach the abilities of urban ER doctors. For example, rural doctors can't call on the RT to set up the ventilator! I also believe the level of care provided to a patient in a rural setting should be no different than what they would receive in a 'big city hospital'. So my goal has been to try to assist in the training of Family Practice residents and even some current rural Family Doctors, so that they can provide "Urban ER Care in a Rural Setting".